Pen Kits

Welcome to the pen kits section of Exotic Blanks.

We carry one of the largest selections of pen kits in the industry, but have made it easy to find the kits you want.

You can browse for pen kits one of the following ways:

Search for pen kits by name! We have hundreds of different named kits. Click into "Shop All Pen Kits" to see them all in pictures

Search by classifications of pens. Click onto one of the categories that interest you like "Rollerball" or "Budget" and you'll find pen kits of that type.

Search by Manufacturer. Exotic Blanks sells not only our own brand, but we also resell Berea, Penn State (PSI), Dayacom and are the sole distributor for Smitty's Pen kits.  Click on the name and find what you're looking for that way.