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 Exotic Blanks Pen Turning how-to videos! 

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Pen Turning Series - How To Turn a Pen #1 - #8  





Other How To's 

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Acrylic pen, beginners tutorial - Click Here

45 Cal pen kit - click here

Atrax fountain pen - click here

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Atrax fountain pen part two - click here

Assembly of a Baron/Sedona Pen - Click Here

Assembly of a "Junior-series" pen--  Click Here

Cambridge in Antique Alternate Ivory - Click Here

Click mechanism assembly--Click here

Drill press aligning - click here

"Faux stone"--click here

Glacia pen - click here

"Lever action"-making and troubleshooting--click here

Mosaic CE and carbide tools--click here

"Perfect fit" pen vid 1-Click here

"Perfect fit" pen vid 2-"tenon--click here

"Perfect fit" pen Vid 3-assembly-click here

Skew used to make Alternate Ebony pen - Click Here

Turning an Acrylic Pen - A Beginning Tutorial - Click Here

Wood -Turning Cross Grained Spalted Wood - Click Here

Wood - Reinforcing a Wood Blank - Click Here

Turning a Longline Slimline Pen - Click Here

Facing the Blank with Sandpaper on the Lathe - Click Here

Sandpaper facing on the lathe--making the disk--click here

Fountain pen part one-Click here

Fountain pen part two-includes assembly- Click here

"Troubleshoot" pen not working right-Click here

Mark Dreyer "10 minutes to better penmaking series"

Drilling-click here

Sanding -click here

Turning Acrylic with carbide tools-click here


Alternate Material Series

Cambridge in Antique Alternate Ivory - Click Here

Cebloplast - Click Here

Chiyogami - click here

Circuit board pen - Click Here

Facing a feather blank - Click Here

"Lava" blanks (not real lava) - click here

"Pirate bone" -- click here

Turning a feather blank - Click Here 

Turning a complex segmented acrylic blank - Click Here 

Turning a Cherry Pit Blank - Click Here 

How to turn a Zebra Acrylic Resin Pen with a Skew - Click Here 

Turning a Checkered Flag Blank - Click Here

Making a Whalebone Pen #1 - Click Here

Making a Whalebone Pen #2 - Click Here

Turning a Paua/Abalone Pen - Click Here

Turning a Circuit Board Sierra Pen - Click Here

How to Improve your Technique on Turning Plastic - Click Here

Making a Stars and Stripes Laser Kit - Click Here

Turning a Shaving Brush - Click Here

Turning a Rotacrylic Pen Blank - Click Here

Cholla Pen Series

Drilling a Cholla Blank - Click Here

Turning a Cholla Blank - Click Here 

Filling a Cholla Blank - Click Here

Finishing a Cholla Blank - Click Here 


Tips and Techniques

Click pen "Drop test" LeRoi click-Click here

Align the drillpress -click here

Replacing the nib on a fountain pen - Click here

Inking a Fountain Pen with a Converter - Click Here

Pen Turning Without Brass Tubes & Making Your Own Bushings - Click Here

Tubeless Penturning #1 - Click Here

Selecting the Perfect Pen Blank - Click Here

Make your own bushings, turn without brass tubes:  Click Here

Painting Pen Tubes - What Color? - Click Here

Reverse Painting an Acrylic Pen Blank - Click Here

Sanding disc for squaring pen blanks-click Here

Reinforcing brittle blanks with popsicle sticks-click here

Snakeskin blanks-facing and thinCA-Click here

Tools and Materials Series

Applying Wood Turners Finish to a Pen - Click Here

Pen Turning with a Skew - Click Here 

Pen Wizard   - Click Here 

Replacing a Stylus on a Sierra Pen - Click Here

Turning Resin with gouge, scraper, skew--Click Here


Carbide tools "On the level"--Click Here

Using Exotics' Partners' Blanks

Chiyogami-"D" shaped blanks--Click here

Tornadic Twists - Click here

Neptune Pens - Click here

Omni-Ribbon by Rob - Omni Ribbon

"Pirate Bone" by Neptune - Pirate bone

Rotacrylic pen blanks-drill and turn - Click here

      See Rotacrylic blanks here

Rotacrylic drilling 9-2017  here

Serpentine blank, closed end click here

SportSupport - click here

Steampunk by MIK - click here


Finishing Products

CraftCoat Application - Click Here

Applying Wood Turners Finish to a Pen - Click Here

Glu_Boost video:  Click here

Glu Boost alt method: click here



Zodiac pen kit's feature introduced - Click Here

Zodiac circuit board - Click Here