Triton Convertible Pen Kit - Chrome With Gold Accents

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Exclusive to Exotics, the Triton Convertible Pen kit has the benefits of both the rollerball and fountain pen!! Now you can offer your customer the ability to have both pens in the same body without having to buy the extra kit

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Triton Convertible Pen Kit - Chrome With Gold Accents

The Triton - The ORIGINAL CONVERTIBLE Pen kit!!  

Only at Exotics, and made to our specifications as a complete kit. Not just add-on pieces.

This is the same popular classy Triton pen that you have come to love. It's postable and features the same durable chrome plating with jewel-like Upgrade Gold accents.

But now your customer can easily convert this pen from a rollerball to a fountain pen! Or a fountain pen to a rollerball! All with no extra pen kit for you to buy! 

This kit includes the ROLLER BALL NIB FRONT SECTION (and Schmidt rollerball refill) AND the FOUNTAIN PEN NIB, FEED, AND FRONT SECTION as well as an ink cartridge and twist converter! This is the complete package!

You can now sell your customer a pen that allows them to use fountain pen ink one day, and a rollerball the next. And the cost to you is just $7.00 over the price of the rollerball alone! Keep in mind that this is NOT just the fountain pen nib and feed parts, but an entire extra "front section", including the metal housing, nib, feed mechanism as well as converter. 

At Exotics, we know what it is like to do shows. And we hope that with the addition of this new section, you can sell the benefits to your customer and help make your sale a little easier!

This new low-cost set is EXCLUSIVE to us - so your "show competition" won't have it! Give it a try and let us know how your sales go!

The Triton kit also comes in a standard rollerball, fountain pen, and ballpoint versions. 

Chrome with Upgrade Gold Accent plating.


Triton Rollerball & Fountain Pen Kit Instructions 

For this kit you will also need - 

  • Mandrel Shaft A  
  • Bushing 30A or Jr. Gent bushings  
  • Drill Bit 10.5mm 
  • Drill Bit 12.5mm 
  • Type
    Dual Pen Kit
  • Plating
    Chrome | Gold
  • Refill
    Fountain Pen
  • Specialty
  • Pen Mechanism
  • Drill Bits Used
    10.5mm & 12.5mm
  • Kit Tubes
  • Postable
  • Convertible
  • Skill Level
  • Add Upgrade Refill?
    No Thank You!, Yes! Schmidt 5888 Fine Blue, Yes! Schmidt 5888 Fine Black, Yes! Schmidt 5888 Medium Blue, Yes! Schmidt 5888 Medium Black
  • Add Upgrade Nib?
    No Thank You!, Yes! Hertance #5 Medium Point, Yes! Hertance #5 Fine Point
  • Manufacturers
    • Manufacturer
      Berea Hardwoods Pen Kits
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