Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Refills - Smooth Label (Choose Color)

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How your hand-crafted pen writes will often make or break the sale. These are exceptionally smooth-writing ballpoint refills the are very close to a rollerball experience. The difference is simply amazing! For Parker style pens (Cigar, Sierra etc)

This is the new Smooth Label Version. No more hangups on your handcrafted pen, do to the label on the refill! Made by Schmidt just for Exotics.

Please choose black or blue from the drop-down menu.

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Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Refills - Smooth Label Version

How your hand-crafted pen writes will often make or break the sale. These exceptionally smooth-writing ballpoint refills are from Schmidt, THE name when it comes to refills. The difference that these refills will make in your pen's feel is simply amazing! 

The 9000 refill utilizes specially formulated ink that has a lower viscosity than regular ballpoint ink. This creates an ultra-smooth and easy feel as the writing tip glides across the paper. This special refill dramatically changes the way your ballpoint pen writes. Essentially giving it close to a rollerball feel but with the convenience of a ballpoint. You really have to try one to experience the difference, we promise you will be hooked! Make sure that you always have several of these refills on hand! They will sell pens for you!

These refills are for pens that take a Parker-style refill. 1mm ballpoint which is a medium. 

This is the new Smooth Label Version of the Easyflow 9000. No more hangups on your handcrafted pen, do to the label on the refill! Made by Schmidt just for Exotics.

Available in black or blue.


Customer reviews
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5.00 (Votes: 2)
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  • Jan 3, 2023, 08:12 PM
    All I can say is... get the upgrade refill when ordering your kits or you will wish you did later. Smooth writing. Both the blue and the black are great, and the price here is the best you will find
  • Jan 17, 2022, 12:49 PM
    I've tried all sorts of pen refills but you cant beat Schmidt pen refills.They really write smooth and the price is good

Product questions

  • mike henry
    Mar 16, 2024, 06:05 PM

    Do you sell the Schmidt refill P900 M or F ?
    Will that work with the Blade ballpoint click pen?
    Thanks, Mike

    Mar 16, 2024, 08:24 PM

    We sell all three of the refills you cite.
    They are all made as replacements for the "Parker" style refill, so
    yes they will all work in the Blade

  • Dave Hoffman
    Aug 4, 2023, 10:43 AM

    Was using a Parker gel on glossy card stock and it smeared , will these solve that problem ?


    Aug 4, 2023, 11:28 AM

    Probably not. Glossy card stock is not meant to absorb ink quickly-both the gel and the "liquid" ink used in the 9000 are unlikely to "soak into" a glossy stock quickly.

    You would be better advised to use the standard refills that come with the pen kits, their ink does not have to absorb into the paper.


  • Bob
    Sep 20, 2020, 11:42 PM

    I don't understand the need for a refill without the label ?

    Sep 21, 2020, 05:50 AM

    Hi Bob,

    Normally the Easyflow 9000's have an adhesive-backed paper label wrapped tube. This label can "catch" and hang up inside of a pen kit, not allowing the refill to extend or contract properly...very embarrassing when you are selling the benefits of your handmade pen in front of a potential customer. We worked with Schmidt to produce a label-less version for Exotics so this no longer happens.

    I hope that helps!


  • dick mc neill
    Jul 4, 2020, 02:51 PM

    schmidt 9000 is it gel pen> come in black wide point? can i use4 it with a cigar kit, CS USA "artisan clicker" kit and a PSI 30 bolt action kit? If not, is there a black gel that would work w/ these kits. Thaanks, Dick McNeill

    Jul 4, 2020, 05:05 PM

    Hi Dick! The easy flow 9000 from Schmidt has a proprietary liquid ink technology. It gives you the feel of a rollerball in a ballpoint. Many think it is superior to a gel. The 9000 will fit in any kit that uses a "parker style" refill...including all of the kits that you mentioned and more. It does only come in medium, however. I hope that helps!