Rinehart Pen Kits

Rinehart Pen Kits.

The Rinehart pen exhibits a strong, powerful and masculine presence. It features a unique hexagon shaped design that puts it in a class all on its own! This popular and economical kit is now available in three platings - Chrome, Up Gold, and Ti Gold!

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EK-0405HX-B-CHR Rinehart Ballpoint Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $10.95
EK-0405HX-B-HP Rinehart Ballpoint Pen Kit - Upgrade Gold
  • $12.50
EK-0405HX-R-6-IPG Rinehart Rollerball Pen Kit - Ti Gold
  • $26.95
ET-DBJ-1-2 1/2 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $9.95