Hand Scrolled Pen Blanks

Jeff is an award winning scroll saw artist. His works can been seen around the country, and he has been published in several national magazines. Jeff was one of the first to pioneer and perfect the application of scroll sawing images in wood and resin. His work has no equal, and Exotics is proud to be able to offer some of Jeff's unique and outstanding blanks to you. They are simply like no other!

A special note directly to you from Jeff-

"I am Jeff Powell and have been scrolling for 10 yrs. Over the last year I have been perfecting my techniques on scrolling images into pens. Using a combination of resin casting and scrolling, I have been able to create pens that maintain the effects of being hand cut while at the same time delivering a flawless transition from art to background. Because each pen is hand cut, no two pens are ever exactly the same. People do notice and appreciate this aspect of my pens, and often refer to it as magic. It truly is magic, but one must remember that all magic is simply fooling the senses as the brain and the eye make assumptions as to how something must be.

There are rules to follow when using a scrolled blank. The outside diameter of a pen must exceed the width of the images on the blank. The general rule is that the image should not be wider than the tube that will be drilled into it. Some pens have far more meat on them than others, and therefore they can be exceptions to the tube rule. The center of the blank must be determined prior to drilling. You must measure the widest part of the image, divide that in half and make a mark. Measure then from the edge of the blank to the center of the image and transfer that measurement to the top of the blank. This is reference #1. The image itself will be 7/16" thick. Measure down from the face of the blank, 7/16 and this is reference #2. This is where you drill. Cut your blank pieces extra long, drill, then center the image as desired and trim the blank. Paint your tubes, epoxy them into the blank. Use sharp tools to turn the blank and then wet sand to a high shine. All blanks are 100% Crystal Clear Alumilite."

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