Groove Pen Kits

The Groove Pen Kit and Groove Click Pen Kit modernizes the aesthetics of the classic Slimline pen kit and embodies a sleek, refined and contemporary silhouette. The minimalist center-band combined with the symmetrical subtle bands on the tip and back-end give you the flexibility to show off your turning artistry. Its clip is strong yet delicate with a grooved center channel. This pen kit features a smooth writing Cross style refill and is easy to make with common 7mm tubes, 7mm bushings and 7mm drill bit.

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DK-PKGVTWSC Groove Twist Pen Kit - Satin Chrome
  • $3.95
DK-PKGVTWCH Groove Twist Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $3.75
DK-PKGVTW24 Groove Twist Pen Kit - 24kt Gold
  • $5.95
DK-PKGVTWGM Groove Twist Pen Kit - Gun Metal
  • $4.25
DK-PKGVTWSS Groove Twist Pen Kit Variety Set - 8 Pen Kits
  • 16% off
  • $29.95
DK-PKGVCLCH Groove CLICK Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $6.95
DK-PKGVCL24 Groove CLICK Pen Kit - 24kt Gold
  • $8.75
DK-PKGVCLSC Groove CLICK Pen Kit - Satin Chrome
  • $7.25
DK-PKGVCLGM Groove CLICK Pen Kit - Gun Metal
  • $7.95
DK-PKGVCLSS Groove CLICK Pen Kit Variety Set - 8 Pen Kits
  • 3% off
  • $57.35
EP-SKM192 Schmidt SKM-192 Click Mechanism
  • $2.65
EP-SKM88 Schmidt SKM-88 Click Mechanism
  • $4.50