Glass Vac 7 Gallon Aluminum Vacuum Chamber

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From pen blanks to bowl blanks! Stabilize and dye your own wood and other organic materials with this sturdy Glass Vac Vacuum Chamber. This chamber will also degas silicone for making your own molds. Unlimited possibilities!

  • 3003 Grade Aluminum Body, lightweight and durable
  • Chemically Inert Glass Lid with Silicone Gasket
  • Internal Dimensions - 8" Tall x 16" Diameter
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    240 oz
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Glass Vac 7 Gallon Aluminum Vacuum  & DeGassing Chamber.

This is a complete BestValueVac vacuum chamber setup designed built and 100% tested in Naperville, Illinois. With the unique patent pending gasket design (Utility Patent #14/533,548) this chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. 

The gasket itself is reversible (doubling the life of the system) allowing customers to instantly take it off and flip it over. Every chamber is tested prior to shipping to lose no more than 2.5Hg/24hrs. Glass Vac Vacuum Chambers are ideal for woodworkers and pen turners using the wood stabilization process because the glass lid will not deteriorate like acrylic or polycarbonate lids. Also great for Degassing Silicones for Mold Making.

(Chamber only, Vacuum Pump not included.)

Key Features:

  • 3003 Grade Aluminum Body, lightweight and durable
  • Chemically Inert Glass Lid
  • Highly Durable and Reversible Silicone Gasket
  • Glycerin filled vacuum gauge
  • User friendly vacuum connections that fit most vacuum pumps on the market
  • 50 Micron Air filter for reducing airborne contaminants when releasing the vacuum
  • Silicone vacuum pad
  • 5' of vacuum rated HVAC hose to pull a vacuum.
  • Precision lip edge at the top for the protection of silicone gasket
  • Internal Dimensions - 8" Tall x 16" Diameter

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Chamber Material Aluminum

Gasket Material

Lid Material Glass
Internal Dimensions (ID) 8" Tall x 16" Diameter
Vacuum Gauge (Glycerin Filled) InHG (0)-(-30)
Manifold Connections 1/4" SAE and 1/4" FNPT
Temperature Rating 150°F (65°C)
Additional Included Items 5' Orange Vacuum Rated HVAC Hose

Platinum Cured Silicone Pad

Black 50 Micron Air Filter

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Product questions

  • linda jacobson
    Apr 18, 2021, 01:51 PM

    what size or model pump is suggested for this volume to be evacuated.

    Apr 18, 2021, 07:39 PM

    Hi Linda. Depends. Virtually any pump will work, just depends on how long you are willing to wait. Generally the higher the CFM, the more expensive the pump, but the faster it will evacuate the air. I would suggest something around a 7cfm, but if you already have a 3cfm - the 3 will work, it will just take a while. It's a personal call sort of thing.

    I hope that helps!