Blade Ballpoint Pen Kits

Blade Ballpoint Pen Kits.

These pen kits feature an all-metal Schmidt skm-88 click mechanism. This mechanism stands out above the rest as one of the best clicks on the market in reliability and durability. The Blade Pen Kit also features a new knurl design pattern and a well-balanced slender body that's perfect for showing off all of that gorgeous pen blank material. This pen kit is easy to make and easy to assemble. It uses a Parker style ballpoint refill or a gel refill.

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EK-1902-START Blade Pen Kit Starter Set - 4 Pen Kits
  • 20% off
  • $62.95
EK-1902-B-CHR Blade Ballpoint Click Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $16.75
EK-1902-B-GN Blade Ballpoint Click Pen Kit - Gunmetal
  • $16.95
EK-1902-B-GN-HN Blade Ballpoint Click Pen Kit - Gunmetal & Nickel
  • $16.95
EK-1902-B-HN Blade Ballpoint Click Pen Kit - Nickel
  • $16.75
EKB-70A Bushings 70A - Blade Pen Kit
  • $4.95
EKB-TBC-70 Turn Between Center Bushings - Blade Pen Kit
  • $6.95
ET-DBJ-11-32 11/32 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $5.95