Band-It Stainless Pen Kit Starter Set - 6 Rollerball Pen Kits

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Save with this starter set! You get 6 of the innovative Solid Stainless Band-It Pen Kits. Plus, you get the 4 piece bushing set you need to make the pen kits!

Now with the Band-it Rollerball Pen Kit you can personalize your own design in the centerband, just like a finger-ring. The Band-It features a sleek solid stainless steel body with a four-millimeter wide customizable center band. Fill it with either opaque or transparent materials and add a label to showcase your brand or a custom message. Let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities of the Band-It!

  • Solid Stainless steel construction 
  • Easy to turn and endlessly customizable
  • Save With This Starter Set!
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Band-It Rollerball Starter Set - 6 Pen Kit Starter

Save with this starter set! You get 6 of the innovative Solid Stainless Band-It Pen Kits. Plus, you get the 4 piece bushing set you need to make the pen kits!

Introducing the innovative new Band-It! The body is crafted from solid stainless steel in a natural finish.

This unique pen allows you to personalize it with your own design in the centerband. Similar to a finger ring, the Band-It features a four-millimeter wide trough that you can fill with either opaque or transparent materials. You can even include a label to showcase your brand or display a custom message for your customers - The possibilities for customization are endless, limited only by your imagination!

The pen's stainless centerband is built to be filled with a material of your choice and turned. The Band-It used the same tubes, bushings, and drill bits as the jr Il / Diamond Knurl Series. With its well-balanced mid-range size, this pen offers a comfortable writing experience for hands of all sizes - With elegant, good looks, and handling. 

The pen in the photo is made with our Alt Ivory Pen Blank, and the band is filled with one of our crushed opal inlays(Please note, in order to keep the clip in the "jr" style - it is has been plated. The rest of the kit is solid stainless) 

Patent Pending

  • Elegant good looks and handling.
  • Features Stainless steel durability
  • Easy to turn and fill center band
  • Endless customizable - let your imagination run wild!
  • Clip is enhanced with a plated antique finish
  • Schmidt 888 fine refill included
  • Postable
  • Can be made as a closed-end or double-closed end - to emulate a kitless design
  • Finished size (as a kit): Approx. 9/16" x 5.25"
  • Tooling is the same as the Diamond Knurl Rollerball
  • Capped Rollerball
  • Save With This Starter Set!

Kit Includes -

  • Pen Components (Pen blank not included) x 6
  • Rollerball Style Refill-Schmidt 888 Fine x 6
  • Brass Tubes (1 set of 2) x 6
  • Bushing Set
To make this pen kit you may also need:
Diamond Knurl Rollerball Pen Kit instructions
Diamond Knurl Rollerball Instructions
10.5mm drill bit
 10.5mm Drill Bit
12.5mm drill bit
 12.5mm Drill Bit
Jr Gent II Pen Kit Bushings
Jr Series Bushings
extra Diamond Knurl brass tubes
Diamond Knurl Brass Tubes
3/4 by 5
  • Type
    Rollerball Pen Kit
  • Primary Plating
    Stainless Steel
  • Refill
  • Specialty
    Starter Set
  • Pen Mechanism
  • Drill Bits Used
    10.5mm & 12.5mm
  • Kit Tubes
  • Postable
  • Skill Level
  • Manufacturers
    • Manufacturer
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Product questions

  • james hoffman
    Mar 3, 2024, 01:27 PM

    i have found the bushing for the band-it rollerball. and have order them.
    I have tried to link to the jr serries . i have gone to the descriptions tab just click on what you need. it is not working. when I click on this it this does not take me to the instructions for the band it pen kit instructions..
    i know this is becoming a big pain for you and me to.. will send me the instructions like you did before. this way i can get them printed out for this want in have them in my book of instruction and you I wont have to do go through this again.

    Mar 3, 2024, 02:52 PM

    Hi Jim, The Band it pen kit instructions are on the band it page. Click on the little man reading where it says "instructions". ( It is in the same info grid as the drill bits and bushings. )
    Here is a direct link as well.

    Please note - the Band it kit assembles the same as the Jr Gent/Jr Retro/Diamond Knurl Pen Kits. The instructions are the same.
    The centerband fill and turn like a ring inlay blank.

    I also resent you the instructions for the Statesman in email yesterday. Please check your email, it should be there.

  • Bryce Prusse
    Feb 18, 2024, 10:18 PM

    Is there a fountain pen nib section that will go with these?

    Feb 18, 2024, 10:25 PM

    Currently, no.

  • Gregg M Rader
    Feb 12, 2024, 01:24 PM

    Is the top of the cap steel or is it rubber or plastic

    Feb 12, 2024, 06:18 PM

    Its steel. But good question. I'll try to take some more detailed photo so you can see the main points