Ancient Bog Wood Pen Blanks

Ancient Bog Woods Pen Blanks

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  • Bog Oak Pen Blanks

    Bog Oak Pen Blanks

    Bog oak was originally discovered in the British Isles, with Ireland yielding the greatest amount. Now, although discoveries of this wood are still rare, there are several parts of the world where buried trees are being unearthed.  

    The attraction of Bog oak is most notably it's color--it is black or very dark brown.  Scientists say the older the oak (up to 5000 years old), the more consistently black it is likely to become.  The other attraction is the age--these trees were all buried over 2500 years ago.  

    ExoticBlanks searches for Bog oak that is as dark as possible and is "square".   The blanks are at least .75 inches square and at least 5" long.  They will undoubtedly make beautiful pens "with a story that can pre-date the Roman Empire".

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