Varita Pen Kits

Varita Pen Kits.

The adorable little closed end budget ballpoint is pen just the perfect size for those with smaller hands. Easy to carry in your pocket it will also make a great purse pen. And being closed end it allows for endless design possibilities. 

The Varita (meaning wand in Spanish) features a modernist style, twist cap and takes a Parker style refill for a smooth writing experience. The Varita cap is solid brass, and being a capped pen, it has no transmission. It is a wonderful little budget kit and an excellent way to extend your turning skills!

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DK-V206-BR Varita Ballpoint Pen Kit - Brass
  • $3.70
DK-V206-COP Varita Ballpoint Pen Kit - Copper
  • $3.70
DK-V206-GLD Varita Ballpoint Pen Kit - Gold
  • $3.70
DKB-V206BU Bushings - Varita
  • $2.25
ET-DBJ-10MM 10mm High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $5.70