Tank Pen Kits

Tank Pen Kits.

Celebrate the honor and strength of the US Military with the Tank Pen.

Inspired from various American Military tanks, the individual details of the pen create stylistic authenticity in homage to these tanks; the pen cap, cast in brass, features two classic 5-point white military stars, celebrates the unique rounded-form of the M26 turret-head and includes details like the commander's cupola and grenade launchers. The machined metal pen tip is modeled after the tank guns muzzle brake while your turned blank represents the tanks gun barrel.

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DK-PKTANKSS Tank Pen Kit Starter Set - 3 Pen Kits
  • 20% off
  • $55.75
DK-PKTANKAB Tank Pen Kit - Antique Brass
  • $19.95
DK-PKTANKAP Tank Pen Kit - Antique Pewter
  • $19.95
DK-PKTANKGR Tank Pen Kit - Olive Drab Green
  • $19.95
DKB-PKTANKBU Bushings - Tank Pen
  • $5.95
ET-DBJ-3-8 3/8 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $3.95
DKT-PKT38-8 Brass Pen Tubes 10" x 3/8" - Pack of 8
  • $10.95
JP-TANK Tank Rotacrylic Pen Blanks
  • $22.00