Survival Ballpoint Pen Kit

Survival Ballpoint Pen Kit.

The Survival Pen, packs a lot of function into a compact package. This new Survival pen has 3 main components, a ballpoint pen, a fire starter, and a glass breaker. The cap finial functions as a decorative cap and also contains a carbide glass breaker. The body finial also functions as a decorative end and contains a flint fire rod. The uniquely designed clip also functions as a striking plate. The glass breaker works on tempered glass and side windows.

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EK-1602-B-BC Survival Ballpoint Pen Kit - Black Chrome
  • $19.95
EKB-61A Bushings 61A - Survival Pen Kit
  • $6.99
EKT-1602-SURV Brass Tube Set - Survival Pen Kit
  • $1.00
ET-DBJ-27-64 27/64 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $4.65
ET_DRILL-33/64RS 33/64 Drill Bit - Reduced Shank
  • $14.95
EKT-1602-FLINT Replacement Flint Rod - Survival Pen Kit
  • $3.50