Pirate Pen Kits

Pirate Pen Kits.

Create this pen as a great gift for any swashbuckler. Features a riveted band around the pen tip, center band and pen end. While the center band also features a laser etched skull and crossbones. The pirate theme is completed with a pirate sword pen clip.

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DK-PKPIR24 Pirate Ballpoint Pen Kit - 24kt Gold
  • $12.95
DK-PKPIRAB Pirate Ballpoint Pen Kit - Antique Brass
  • $12.95
DK-PKPIRAP Pirate Ballpoint Pen Kit - Antique Pewter
  • $12.95
DK-PKPIRCH Pirate Ballpoint Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $9.95
DKB-PKPIRBU Bushings - Pirate Pen Kit
  • $5.95
ET-DBJ-3-8 3/8 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $3.95
DKT-PKT38-8 Brass Pen Tubes 10" x 3/8" - Pack of 8
  • $9.75