Pensar Pen Kits

Pensar Pen Kits.

One of the most eye catching ballpoint pens you will ever see. Meticulous attention to details of the knurling pattern on the center band, accent ring and twist finial the exceeds the exceptions of a "high end" writing instrument. The double tube design of the PENSAR PEN enhances the overall look and feel while providing exceptional balance making it a pleasure to write. With a simple twist of the cap, you're ready for comfortable writing with this exceptional pen.

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EK-1306PL-B-CHR Pensar Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $11.95
EK-1306PL-B-GN Pensar Pen Kit - Gunmetal
  • $13.85
EK-1306PL-B-HP Pensar Pen Kit - Upgrade Gold
  • $14.90