Motorcycle Pen Kits (Berea)

Motorcycle Pen Kits from Berea Hardwoods.

Anyone with a passion for motorcycles can relate to the pure adrenaline and exhilarated feeling when being on two wheels, not having a care in the world and the freedom, the open road, it's the only place where life makes perfect sense. This pen kit symbolizes the ultimate in American icon history with it's classic Springer style front end and evil skull headlight. Etched choppers on the upper plated barrel.

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EK-1607CC-1-AG Motorcycle Ballpoint Pen Kit - Antique Brass
  • $24.95
EK-1607CC-1-HP-CHR Motorcycle Ballpoint Pen Kit - Chrome With Gold Accents
  • $19.95
EK-1607CC-1-EG-HP-CHR Motorcycle Ballpoint Pen Kit Eagle Clip - Chrome With Gold Accents
  • $19.95
EKB-59A Bushing Set 59A - Motorcycle Pen Kit (Berea)
  • $4.49
EKT-1607-MCYCLE Brass Tube - Motorcycle Pen Kit (Berea)
  • $0.75
ET-DBJ-10MM 10mm High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $5.70
DKW-INL157.EGL.CYCLE All American Eagle Laser Inlay Kit - Berea Motorcycle Pen Kit
  • $24.95
DKW-INL175.SKL.BHW Skull Inlay Kit - Motorcyle Pen
  • $19.95