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Melanie Rollens


Melanie Rollens is a self-taught Polymer clay millefiori cane artist. She began her journey with polymer clay in 2013 making wearable art, in early 2014 she started making clay canes and it changed her direction for good. Dedicated to cane work she was seeking a way to express her creations onto finished items. 

Melanie creates many functional polymer clay art items, but has a true passion for pens & blank creation. "I'm addicted" she said. "I started making the good old BIC ink pens for teachers gifts and for donation items every year and it grew from there". 

Melanie continues to expand her inventory of clay blanks with different cane work that she creates in her home studio. Each cane & blank is made meticulously by hand, blanks are made one slice of cane work at a time. In the time Melanie has been working with clay, her dedication to the art-form shows in her work. She uses an old glasswork technique called Millefiori (Thousand flowers). 

She entered her first competition in 2017 for the IAP polymer clay pen competition and placed 1st with her Millefiori Breast cancer awareness Tudor pen. 

Melanie's quote: "I don't think I will ever become a professional at what I do, as I believe once I label myself as such, that I have reached my full potential and my growth will cease to continue. I'm just at the start of what I believe I am able to achieve. I'm happy just to be an artist who loves what they do" 

Note from ExoticBlanks - Melanie's exquisite cane work is all handmade by her, as a means to help support her family. 


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