Magnum Bullet Pen Kits

Magnum Bullet Pen Kits.

One of the favorite bullets of the sportsman, big game hunters, and military snipers is now available as a replica in this irresistible original pen. Our designers took the Magnum cartridge used in center fire rifles and created this large, handsome and powerful Black Enamel plated writing instrument. You will enjoy how easy the pen is to make with a single 10mm tube and pre-assembled cartridge end components. Similar in size and thickness to our Big Ben Cigar pen with a cartridge that's about 10% wider and longer than our 30 Caliber Click pen cartridge. 

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DKB-PKCP7000BU Bushings - Magnum Pen Kits
  • $4.25
DK-PKCP7020-DISC Magnum Twist Pen Kit - Gun Metal
  • $11.45
ET-DBJ-10MM 10mm High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $5.70