Jr. Morgan Pen Kits

Jr. Morgan Pen Kits.

The Jr. Morgan pen offers a unique deco styling that sets it apart. This is a mid-size pen comparable in size to the Jr. Gent II and Triton, but the Jr. Morgan features a tapered ribbed finals and a complementary stylish center band. The stand out clip sports a "spoke" roller for easy gliding over a pocket. The Jr. Morgan is well-balanced, and comfortable in the hand while offering a classic styling that will definitely will not get lost in the crowd!

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DK-050-6556R-CHR1 Jr. Morgan Rollerball Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $19.50
DK-050-6556F-CHR1 Jr. Morgan Fountain Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $28.95
DKB-JR2 Bushings - Jr Series
  • $3.95
DKB-050-4151 Turning Kit - Jr Gent II Pen Kits
  • $16.50
ET-DBJ-10.5MM 10.5mm High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $5.70
ET-DBJ-12.5 12.5mm HSS Drill Bit
  • $8.95
DKT-JR-LONG Brass Tube Set - Jr Aaron (2.169)
  • $0.90
EKT-JR2 Brass Tube Set - Jr Gent II/ Jr Morgan/ Jr Retro
  • $0.95
DP-050-4699-TIP-BT Jr. Aaron/Retro/Venus #5 Fountain Pen Nib Section - Black Titanium
  • $9.95
DP-050-0531-TIP-CH Dayacom #5 Fountain Pen Nib Section - Chrome
  • $9.95
DP-131-0524-TIP-CH-F Jr. Aaron/Anthony/Morgan #6 Fountain Pen Nib Section - Chrome
  • $11.25
EP-131-0524-TIP-CH-F Jr. Harold #6 Fountain Pen Nib Section - Chrome
  • $11.25
EP-106086-3 Jr. Gentlemen's Pen Fountain Pen Conversion Kit - Black Ti
  • $10.05