Jr. Abraham Pen Kits

Jr. Abraham Pen Kits.

The Jr Abraham features the same fine detailing as the Emperor, but with more modern upscale accents. The pen features the same durable plating and unique and intricate hand carved patterns that have been richly coated in gold 

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DK-131-0531R-C22K1 Jr. Abraham Rollerball Pen Kit - Rhodium & Gold
  • $48.95
EP-131-0524-TIP-CH-F Jr. Harold #6 Fountain Pen Nib Section - Chrome
  • $11.25
DP-050-0531-TIP-CH Dayacom #5 Fountain Pen Nib Section - Chrome
  • $9.95
dHPSFF01F Heritance #5 Steel Nib - Choose Point
  • $3.95