Gentleman's Pen Kits (Full Size)

Gentleman's Pen Kits. 

The classic design and superb balance of the full sized Gentlemen's Pen Kit makes this pen a favorite among those who prefer larger, heftier desk pens. The "fast action" thread found on these pens means silky smooth operation and requires only 1 1/2 turns to attach or remove the pen cap. Made by Dayacom.

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DK-050-0396 Gentleman's Rollerball Pen Kit - Rhodium
  • $36.95
DK-050-4460 Gentleman's Rollerball Pen Kit - Titanium Gold
  • $36.95
DK-050-4461 Gentleman's Fountain Pen Kit - Titanium Gold
  • $48.95
DK-104162-1 Gentleman's Fountain Pen Kit - Rhodium
  • $64.95
DKB-GENT Bushings - Full Gent/Statesman Pen Kit
  • $3.95
DKT-050-9505 Brass Tube Set - Gentleman (Full Sized)
  • $1.00
DKB-050-4474 Turning Kit - Gentleman & Statesman (Full Size) Pen Kits
  • $20.15