Federal Pen Kits

Federal Pen Kits. This exquisitely detailed pen kit was inspired by the Federal period and will make a rich, historical gift. The Federal period represents a 50-year period starting about 1780. Architecture, furnishings and decorative embellishments of this era typically reflected the Neoclassical style, which includes influences from Greece and Rome.

The pen end features a Federally inspired convex mirror which helped to illuminate rooms when accompanied by candles. The pen end also includes Doric column influenced designs as well as a striking bald eagle which was common symbol used during this period. Finally, the pen clip and elements on the pen end and tip feature detailed, intricately designed scrollwork. Features a Parker style refill.

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DK-PKFEDSS Federal Pen Kit Starter Set - 3 Pen Kit Starter
  • 26% off
  • $38.80
DK-PKFEDCH Federal Twist Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $13.95
DK-PKFED24 Federal Twist Pen Kit - 24kt Gold
  • $13.95
DK-PKFEDAP Federal Twist Pen Kit - Antique Pewter
  • $14.95
DK-PKFEDAB Federal Twist Pen Kit - Antique Brass
  • $14.95
DKB-PKFEDBU Bushings - Federal & Bird Pen Kits
  • $5.95
ET-DBJ-3-8 3/8 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $3.95
DKT-PKT38-8 Brass Pen Tubes 10" x 3/8" - Pack of 8
  • $10.95