Diana Ballpoint Pen Kits

Diana Ballpoint Pen Kits.

The great looking Diana Pen Kit is small enough to go anywhere without sacrificing the feel of a full-size pen. The Swarovski crystal accents on the cap and the clip coupled with the decorative accent band immediately speaks to the classic elegance of its design.

The Diana is built on 8mm tubes to fit comfortably in smaller hands, yet it uses a Parker style ballpoint refill for an effortless writing experience.

  • Swarovski crystal accented cap and clip
  •  Decorative accent band
  • Parker type ballpoint refill
  • 8mm tube
  • Finished size approx.: 3/8" x 5-1/2"

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DK-0511-STARTER Diana Ballpoint Pen Kit - 4 Pen Starter Set
  • 11% less
  • $44.90
DK-0511-CHR Diana Ballpoint Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $9.95
DK-0511-BT Diana Ballpoint Pen Kit - Black Titanium
  • $10.95
DK-0511-TG Diana Ballpoint Pen Kit - Ti Gold
  • $10.95
DK-0511-PD Diana Ballpoint Pen Kit - Palladium
  • $14.25
DKB-0511-DIANA Bushing Set - Diana Pen Kits
  • $4.25
DKT-0511-DIANA Brass Tube Set - Diana Pen Kits
  • $0.95
ET-DBJ-8MM 8 mm Drill Bit
  • $4.50