Deco (Jr Harold Twist) Ballpoint Pen Kits

Deco (Jr Harold Twist) Ballpoint Pen Kits.

The Deco (Jr Harold Twist) pen kit is a great looking, easy to make twist pen that features a low profile knurl texturing on the cap and final twist operation. Made by Dayacom.

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DK-6573-CHR Deco (Harold Twist) Ballpoint Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $17.45
DKB-DECO Bushings - Deco/Jr Harold Twist
  • $4.95
DKB-106023-1 Turning Kit - Deco (Jr. Harold Ballpoint) Pen Kits
  • $15.35
DKT-DECO Brass Tube - Deco/Jr Harold Twist
  • $0.75
ET-DBJ-27-64 27/64 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $4.65