Clip Bolt Action Pen Kits

Clip Bolt Action Pen Kits. A bit more modern interpretation of the popular bolt action pen kit. Designed as an everyday carry pen to feel great in the hand; with a slim, lightweight and well-balanced body that you will not want to put it down.

This pen kit features a Bolt Action pen clip that acts to advance and retract the refill and works just like the original bolt action mechanism. As you move the Bolt clip, the internal moving bolt travels with it and pops out the end of the pen when you retract it. You also have a second way to advance and retract the refill by easily pushing the end of the popped-out bolt in and out. Precision-cut knurl finish on the tip and end provides a comfortable feel and writing experience. This pen kit is crafted with raw materials with a Stainless-Steel clip for tough durability that won't break or show the wear and tear of daily use.

Easy to make with a single 3/8in. tube pen kit. Includes a smooth writing Parker style refill.

Mix and Match the Clip Bolt Action Kits with other pen kits to achieve the best discount levels! 

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DK-PKCLBASS Clip Bolt Action Pen Kit Starter Set - 3 Pen Kits
  • 18% off
  • $46.75
DK-PKCLBAAL Clip Bolt Action Pen Kit - 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • 3% less
  • $15.45
DK-PKCLBAST Clip Bolt Action Pen Kit - Stainless Steel
  • $22.95
DK-PKCLBABK Clip Bolt Action Pen Kit - Black Anodized
  • $15.95
DK-PKCLBABR Clip Bolt Action Pen Kit - C3604 Brass
  • $15.95
DK-PKCLBABB Clip Bolt Action Pen Kit - Burnt Bronze
  • $15.95
DKB-PKCHPENBU Bushings - Diva SW Mesa Rollester & Stratus Kits
  • $4.95
ET-DBJ-3-8 3/8 in. High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $3.95
DKT-PKT38-8 Brass Pen Tubes 10" x 3/8" - Pack of 8
  • $9.75