Cigarillo Pen Kits

Cigarillo Pen Kits.

Cigarillo Pen is a smaller, more compact version of the Artisan Cigar Pen. The Cigarillo is the perfect choice for use as an everyday pen. With its more slender body, the Cigarillo maintains the rugged good looks and classic styling of the cigar, yet boasts perfect balance and will comfortably fit in pocket or purse.

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DK-106082-1 Cigarillo Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $6.20
DK-106082-2 Cigarillo Pen Kit - 10KT
  • $7.40
DK-106082-3 Cigarillo Pen Kit - Gun Metal
  • $6.90
DKB-CIGARILLO Bushings - Cigarillo
  • $3.95