Cat Pen Kits

Cat Pen Kits. Create this adorable pen as a beautiful and meaningful gift for cat lovers.

It will be used and appreciated to express their love and devotion to that special kitty cat. Your handmade cat pen will capture this special relationship through the pen's fine details; The pen end features an end cap with a sleeping cat sculpted into a weaved basket with the kittys full, curved tail playfully falling out to act as the sturdy pen clip. The center band is wrapped with silhouettes of cat caricatures in different spirited positions and decorated with rope trim. The pen tip is engraved with a playful pattern of cat paw prints with rope trim.

Easy to make with a 10mm tube and smooth writing performance with a Parker style refill.

 Mix & Match the any of the Cat Pen Kits with other pen kits to achieve the best discount levels!

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DK-PKCATSS Cat Ballpoint Pen Kit - 3 Pen Kit Starter Set
  • 21% off
  • $56.50
DK-PKCAT24 Cat Ballpoint Pen Kit - 24kt Gold
  • $19.95
DK-PKCATAB Cat Ballpoint Pen Kit - Antique Brass
  • $22.95
DK-PKCATAP Cat Ballpoint Pen Kit - Antique Pewter
  • $22.95
DK-PKCATCH Cat Ballpoint Pen Kit - Chrome
  • $17.95
DK-PKCATORB Cat Ballpoint Pen Kit - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • $22.95
DKB-PKSHAKEBU Bushings - Cat and Shake Pen Kit
  • $5.95
ET-DBJ-10MM 10mm High Speed Steel Drill Bit
  • $5.70
DKT-PKT10-6 Brass Pen Tubes 10" x 10mm - Pack of 6
  • $10.95
DKW-INL195.CAT.PSICAT Cat and Mouse Laser Inlay Kit - Cat Pen Kits
  • $24.95